“We do not see the end” or “We must put a good blow”: a third confinement divides the French

Jean-Pierre decided to wear his surgical mask on his wrist. “I’m doing it on purpose because I’m sick of it”, he says exasperated. Fed up with the curfew, fed up with restrictions, this self-employed entrepreneur is not even considering a re-containment while different scenarios are being studied. Thursday 28 and Friday 29, Prime Minister Jean Castex is leading a final series of consultations with parliamentarians, associations of elected officials and social partners on its application modalities.

>> The latest information on the Covid-19 epidemic and the possibility of containment in our direct.

“I don’t want to. I’m 61, I don’t want to be bothered with all this. A piece of paper to say, sorry to say, ‘you’re going to pee’, What is that ?, gets carried away by Jean Pierre. It’s not that I’m a rebel, but I’m not a comeback. I will find all the means to bypass the confinement. There are plenty like me who will do that! “

This is the case with Natacha. If the exit certificate becomes compulsory again, the official intends to divert its use: “I will make all my medical appointments within the hours that suit me and I will walk around, I say it frankly”, she explains with a burst of laughter. Then resuming her seriousness, she explains why: “Because it gives me a feeling of freedom and it’s essential for my psychological balance”.

Camille, a student, will also look for tips to stay outside: “One or two hours a day, if only to get some fresh air because we get stuck at home. I won’t go to underground parties, but maybe I will respect less than the first confinement. where we respected all the measures and we did not leave our homes. I hope it will end soon, but we can no longer see the end and it’s very hard. “

Gérard, a trader who sells household linen, is ready to sacrifice but hopes that this third confinement will be the last. “The last two confinements, we were closed, it was very, very hard. There, we resumed, and it’s catastrophic, he confides. For us, it is very difficult. We survive a little bit. But this third confinement, we have to do it because at one point, if we don’t do that, we will go until 2029, 2030 … We will always be at the same point. You really have to give it a good shot! “

“We have to put everyone in the shelter. And then at some point, this epidemic will pass, and everyone will resume normal life.”

Gérard, trader

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Evil for good, concludes Hind. “If you have to go through that, it’s like an operation. Someone who has cancer, you say: ‘You have to operate because you have no choice.’ And even if you have Scared from the scalpel, we’re going. We have to put things into perspective, too. I think we’re so used to our comfort that we don’t want to make the slightest concession. It’s when it affects us in our families that we understands it’s real. “ Two of his relatives died of the Covid.

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