“We find a new species of dinosaur every week”

MAINTENANCE – Steve Brusatte, paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and main scientific adviser to the sixth installment of Jurassic Parkhas just published the French translation of his book The Triumph and Fall of the Dinosaurs.

Affiliated with the University of Edinburgh, the American paleontologist Steve Brusatte co-signs the study which has just appeared in Current Biology on one of the finest pterosaur fossils ever discovered. Fine connoisseur of formidable T. rexhe is also the author of a bestseller on the reign of the dinosaurs and the main scientific adviser of the sixth opus of Jurassic Park which will be released this summer. He comes back for Le Figaro on this new discovery and more generally on the evolution of his discipline over the past 25 years.

LE FIGARO. – Why is this discovery so important?

Steve Brusatte. – It is by far the best preserved pterosaur skeleton ever found in Scotland. The most complete and best preserved in the United Kingdom since the time of Mary Anning in the early 1800s (a self-taught paleontologist from the beginning of the 19th century, he is a key figure in British paleontology, editor’s note).

In the imagination, dinosaurs…

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