Wearing this gem gives freedom from depression, fruitful for the people of these zodiac signs

Many gems have been told in Ratna Shastra to increase the auspicious effect of planets and reduce the inauspicious effects. Gemstone takes a person on the path of success. In Ratna Shastra, many such gems have been told, which work to strengthen the weak planet in the horoscope of the person. One of these impressive gems is pearl. Moti Ratna is considered to be representative of the Moon planet. A person is advised to wear pearls when there is a weak moon in the horoscope of any person. Let us know which people should wear pearls. Also the correct method of wearing it.

Benefits of wearing pearls

According to Ratna Shastra, pearls are round and white in color. The best pearls are found in the South Sea. It has yellow stripes. Pearl is related to Moon. It is considered especially auspicious for the people of Cancer and Leo zodiac. Astrology believes that the Moon has the greatest effect on our mind and mind. Therefore, it is advised to wear pearls to calm the mind, to stabilize the mind. Not only this, it is said that by wearing pearls, a person comes out of depression.

These people can wear pearls-

A pearl is worn when the moon is in its mahadasha. Wearing pearls is also advised in the conjunction of Rahu or Ketu. It is advisable to wear pearls even if the Moon is in the sight of malefic planets. Pearls can be worn when the Moon is situated in the 6th, 8th or 12th house in the horoscope. Pearls can be worn even when the Moon is weak or with the Sun. It is advisable to wear pearls even if you are in a weak position in the horoscope.

How and when to wear pearl-

The pearl is worn in a silver ring. Wear it on the little finger of the hand on Monday night of Moti Shukla Paksha. Many astrologers also wear it on the full moon day. Before wearing the pearl gem, wash it with Gangajal. After that offer it to Shiva. Wear it only after that.

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