Weather forecast: why is it so bad in France and hot everywhere else?

DECRYPTION – Rain and bad weather are back for vacation departures. A meteorological phenomenon called the cold drop that sets in until the end of August.

Among vacationers, recrimination returns regularly. This gloomy and changeable weather makes it difficult to enjoy free time. “Since the spring we have a recurrence of low pressure», Observes Régis Crépet, meteorologist of La Chaîne Météo *. Why, after several hot and even scorching summers, is the weather so bad? “The answer is provided by the card», He notes.

A low pressure hovers over France, blocked by a belt of high pressure systems. the weather channel

Since the spring, several depressions, that is to say air hollows, slide from the North Atlantic and are blocked in France by a belt of highs in Russia, Scandinavia and the Maghreb. “It is chance, these last six summers we were on the side of the anticyclones with a hot summer and peaks of heat while the depressions went to central Europe, Russia or the Maghreb. It’s a bit like communicating vessels», Explains Régis Crépet.

This negative anomaly is called a cold drop. “A word used in a pictorial way to characterize this depression which accompanies fresh air. It’s like a drop of cool water descending on France in an ocean of heat», Explains the meteorologist. Conversely, positive anomalies are noted by an increase in temperatures. For Régis Crépet, the cold drop is at the origin of the many floods in Western Europe.

An effect of global warming?

Can these upheavals be attributed to global warming? “We do not have enough hindsight to respond formally. To have a climatic average, it takes 30 years. We should not focus on what is happening only in France when global warming is global. It is probably the cause of extreme climatic conditions on a global scale, such as flooding in Europe and excess heat in North America.», Decrypts Régis Crépet who expects such excesses to recur.

For France, the weather should not improve in August despite some improvements next week. For the meteorologist, there will be no lasting good weather trends. A heat peak could be reached for August 15th. But he points out mischievously, “for the month of september, it should be fine“.

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