Weather forecast: why is it so hot in the middle of October? We asked a meteorologist

A mercury that flies away in the middle of autumn. Tuesday, October 19, far from the usual cool and misty October mornings, the thermometer read on average 16 ° C in France. And temperatures continued to climb during the day, oscillating between 19 ° C and 26 ° C depending on the region.

On the Atlantic coast, the coastal towns of Biarritz and Bordeaux are respectively 26 ° C and 25 ° C. In central France, the temperature peaks at 25 ° C in Bourges. Are these almost summer heat exceptional? Are they made to last? Franceinfo asked the question to Patrick Galois, meteorologist at Météo France.

Franceinfo: Are these high temperatures unusual?

Patrick Galois: These temperatures are not exceptional. What makes this spike in sweetness more noticeable is that we are coming out of a streak of cool temperatures. But in itself, this sweetness is nothing extraordinary for the season. This type of temperature variation is even quite consistent with our French climate.

“Other sequences of sweetness, like this one, can repeat itself even in the dead of winter.”

Patrick Galois, meteorologist

to franceinfo

However, October is usually the last month of the year when we can see 30 ° C on thermometers, rather in areas located in the south of France.

How to explain these almost summer temperatures in the middle of autumn?

This situation is explained by the passage of a flow of winds coming from the south. We had, for some time, a depression on the Atlantic which brought up warm air from southern Europe and even from North Africa. And this warm air mass is gradually moving east and north of the country.

“We are currently in temperatures between 4 ° C and 8 ° C above the seasonal normal, but not in record mildness.”

Patrick Galois, meteorologist

to franceinfo

In mid-October, the temperature can still exceed 30 ° C in the southwest, in cities like Biarritz. Currently, we are around 28 ° C in this region. While on the Mediterranean side, temperatures are barely above seasonal norms. And in the capital, the temperature is 23 ° C on Tuesday. On October 15 and 16, 2018, the mercury rose to 26 ° C.

Does this portend a winter with milder than normal temperatures?

We do not yet have enough information to comment on the winter temperatures to come. We had projected a milder fall but it started cooler to reach the temperatures we currently experience.

What is certain is that after a second day, Wednesday October 20, under the sign of mildness, the temperatures will drop to seasonal standards. Based on our 8-10 day forecast, no new peaks of mildness like this are expected.

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