Web Series Review: Ashram 3, Episode 1

The third installment of MX Player’s famous series ‘Ashram’ is releasing on June 3, 2022. Adorned with actors like Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Darshan Kumar, Anupriya Goenka, Aditi Pohankar, Tridha Choudhary to Esha Gupta, the experience of watching the first episode of ‘Aashram 3’ web series was exactly the same as the first two seasons. Started seeing Same masala and same story but Prakash Jha has reached the audience with a new twist. Will the black deeds of ‘Nirala Baba’ and ‘Bhopa Singh’ of Badnaam Ashram be exposed this time? Will Pammi Baba do all the work of Nirala? Will Ashram 4 also be seen? If you have the same questions in your mind, then their answers will become clear after watching all the episodes of this series (Aashram Web Series). How was the experience of watching the first episode for the time being, let us tell you.

short recap of both seasons
The Ashram web series started with Pammi, a girl from a Dalit family. Who had reached the rate of Baba Nirala due to the frustration and evils of the society. In the beginning, Pammi felt that Baba Nirala’s Dham is the only place in the world where there is nothing backward, high and low. Everything is same here. But when Pammi reaches Baba Nirala’s ashram, she comes to know that this Baba is not only corrupt, hypocrites but also sexually exploits the Sadhvis of the Ashram. Pammi is determined that she will bring the truth of the priest of lust in front of everyone. In the second season, somehow Pammi manages to escape from the ashram with the help of reporter Akki.

Story of Ashram 3
In ‘Ashram 2’, the audience saw that Pammi (Aditi Pohankar), a girl from a Dalit family, has run away from Baba Nirala’s clutches. From this the story of ‘Ashram 3’ begins with a new twist. Baba Nirala’s empire has spread more than the last time. He is no longer just a Baba but has become a God. His arrogance makes him more aggressive. Baba Nirala and Bhopa Singh have increased their empire manifold through hypocrisy and black deeds. The child of the city is trapped in his false faith. He has taken big businessmen and leaders in his hand. How does Pammi face Nirala, who has become so powerful now? Enjoy watching this in the series only. Yes, its special thing is that ‘Ashram 3’ takes you away with you like a stream of river. You will go on watching it episode by episode.

The strong performances of actors like Bobby Deol, Chandan Roy Sanyal and Aditi Pohankar make this series strong. Once again you will get to see the power of the acting of these artists in the third installment.


Prakash Jha, who made films like Gangajal, Aapnaan, Satyagraha, Politics, Aarakshan and Chakravyuh from the Ashram series, made his OTT debut. The detail and perfection of his work which is seen in films, the same thing was seen in the third season of Ashram as well. He has executed the tight story in a wonderful way on the screen. The specialty of Prakash Jha is that he recognizes the quality of artists. He knows how to use the talent of the artist properly. This is the reason that he molded Bobby Deol into a character that no one has been able to do till date.

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After watching the first episode of 40-45 minutes, it is realized that this time also you will get to see the same juice. The biggest challenge in making a sequel of any project is that you serve new masala along with tying the audience. After watching two seasons of Ashram, expectations from Prakash Jha get high. Now what special he is going to serve in the third season, it will be known only after watching all the episodes on June 3.


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