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Weekend saints

Saturday March 13

Ste Irma Dulce, Brazilian, foundress of the missionary sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, † 1992; Eldrade, Léandre, Mafflée, Rodrigue, Salomon.

Sunday 14th

Ste Mathilde, wife of King Henry Ier of Germania, founder of monasteries, † around 968; Eve, Evelyne, Lubin, Maud.

Saints of the week

Monday 15th

Ste Louise de Marillac, Foundress of the Daughters of Charity, † 1660; St Longin, evangelizer of Cappadocia (Turkey), † Ier century; Clément-Marie, Lucrèce, William, Ysile.

Tuesday 16

Bse Bénédicte, 2e Abbess of the Convent of Saint-Damien d’Assise, † around 1260; Eusébie, Héribert.

Wednesday 17th

St Patrice, Bishop of Ireland, † 461; Bse Barbara Maix, missionary in Brazil, foundress of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, † 1873; Agricole, Gertrude, Patrick.

Thursday 18

St Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem, doctor of the Church, † 386; Bse Marthe le Bouteiller, sister of the Christian Schools of Mercy, † 1883; Braulio, Léobard, Merole, Tétric.

Friday 19

St Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary; Bx Marcel Callo, young worker from Rennes, Jocist, martyr in Mauthausen under Nazism, † 1945; Mansuet, Salvator, Sibylline.

Saturday 20

Bse Jeanne Véron, Sister of Charity, martyr at Ernée (Mayenne), under the Revolution, † 1794; Claudia, Herbert, Urbice, Wulfran.


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