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Weight loss: Is your high protein diet increasing instead of reducing weight, know

excessive use of non-vegetarian proteins

Too much or too little protein intake a day can cause problems and may not help in maintaining weight loss. Although poultry and meat are excellent sources of protein, it should also be remembered that they are markedly higher in calories than other protein sources. As such, gradually reliance on non-vegetarian protein sources can hinder your weight loss. 

Use of excess protein

Ignoring carbohydrates is not a trick. Also remember that consuming too few carbohydrates can lead to a craving for sugar, an inclination to overeat. If you do not pay attention, it can increase your weight. So, keep an eye on your body’s needs and include some carbohydrates in your daily diet. & Nbsp;

Focus on fiber like carbohydrates

Like carbohydrates, consuming too little fiber in your diet can also cause problems. Fiber regulates digestion and supports good gut health. It is the foundation for removing contaminants from the body and accelerating weight loss. That way, focus on fiber intake as well and include a small portion of each food group in your diet.

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