Weight Loss: Lose weight in this way after pregnancy, fat will disappear in 1 month of delivery

Weight Loss After Pregnancy: There is rapid weight gain in pregnancy. In such a situation, women are troubled by their increased weight even after delivery. Women who have had a caesarean delivery, they get a lot of fat on their stomach. After becoming a mother, a woman becomes responsible for two people. In such a situation, it is very difficult to find time for yourself with a small child. In such a situation, many women are unable to pay attention to themselves. If you are also troubled by your increased weight after pregnancy, then you can adopt these home remedies to lose weight.

weight loss tips after pregnancy

1- Ajwain water- After having a child, you should drink ajwain water regularly to reduce stomach. This will help in reducing belly fat. To make ajwain water, boil one tablespoon of carom seeds in a glass of water. Now drink this water lukewarm. You can drink water like this throughout the day too. If you do not drink for the whole day, then definitely drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and after eating food. With this you will not even get gas.

2- Almonds and raisins- You can also eat almonds and raisins after normal delivery. This will also reduce your weight and the body will also benefit. To reduce weight, take out 10 dry seeds and grind 10 almonds and make powder. Now drink it mixed with lukewarm milk.

3- Cinnamon and clove- You can also eat cinnamon and cloves to reduce belly fat. After having a baby, both these things will also benefit your health. To use it, put 2 to 3 cloves in a glass of water and boil it by adding a piece of cinnamon. Now filter this water and drink it lukewarm. You can fill it in a jar and drink it throughout the day.

4- Green tea- Another way to lose weight after pregnancy is to drink green tea. Green tea rich in antioxidant properties will help you in reducing weight. You can drink it anytime. If you want, replace your milk tea with green tea. This will reduce the weight fast and the skin will also start glowing. Do not add sugar to green tea, if you do not like the taste at all, then you can add some honey.

5- Nutmeg milk- To reduce weight, you can also drink nutmeg milk at bedtime. For this, add 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg powder to 1 cup of milk and mix it. Now drink it lukewarm. This will help you in reducing weight.

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