Weight Loss Tips: Now it will be easy to reduce obesity in Winter, follow this diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan: Most of the people gain weight very fast in winter. This is because in this season there is a change in the diet and lack of sunlight. At the same time, belly fat also increases rapidly with obesity. At the same time, reducing belly fat in the cold season is a difficult task in itself. But you do not need to worry because you can get rid of obesity by making some changes in your diet. Let’s know how.

Eat more fruits and vegetables- To control weight and belly fat in winters, eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories but high in fiber. Along with this, it also keeps your immunity system strong and your weight is also reduced.

Take protein rich diet To prevent weight gain, it is necessary to consume fewer calories. In the cold season, include walnuts, seeds, grains, pulses in your diet. By consuming them, you do not feel hungry for a long time. And you also avoid eating junk food. Which helps in reducing weight.

Diet plan for weight loss in winter-

7:00 amDrink lukewarm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also add honey to it.

at 8 am- Eat fiber rich such as oats and millet in breakfast. And eat fresh fruits.

Lunch at 1 pm-Eat a bowl of brown rice, lightly fried vegetables, salad, a roti and lentils.

Snacks at 3 pm- Eat cucumber salad or one banana.

at 6 pm- Drink a cup of green tea.

Dinner at 8 pm- Eat 2 rotis, lentils and vegetables at night.

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