Weightlessness weighs heavily on the health of astronauts

DECRYPTION – Space medicine is still a young discipline and knowledge about the biological effects of weightlessness increases with each mission.

Thomas Pesquet rediscovered the joys of weightlessness on Friday. If all astronauts agree on the pleasure that this represents, a six-month mission is not without consequences for the organization. The latter is made for life on earth. Placed in zero gravity, it adapts… But not always for the best. The human body has developed many systems to combat gravity, including the movement of bodily fluids from the lower body to the upper body. In the absence of gravity, liquids collect in the upper part of the body, giving astronauts that puffy face that is quite typical at the start of flight. It also causes an increase in intracranial pressure which could be the cause of eye damage, sometimes irreversible. Thomas Pesquet had mentioned vision problems in his logbook in 2016, without ever talking about it since.

The physiological reactions differ according to the astronauts, during a second mission we already know some

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