Weird Christmas Traditions: Christmas is celebrated in a strange way around the world

Weird Christmas Traditions: Christmas festival is celebrated all over the world in a very special way. Many different customs of celebrating it are also seen in many countries of the world. In which many are very funny and many are scary too. While on one hand people decorate the Christmas tree and make it special, while in some countries it is celebrated in a scary way. Let’s know where Christmas is celebrated

Talking about the scary way on Christmas, people in Portugal believe that even after the death of their ancestors, on this day their ancestors come among them on earth to celebrate Christmas. Therefore, on the occasion of Christmas in Portugal, people put food on plates for their ancestors at the dinner table.

Talking about another scary custom, it is believed in Norway that on this day devils, sorcerers or witches fly in the air. According to the belief, witches use brooms to fly and look for such houses where they can see the broom. According to the belief, people in Norway keep brooms inside their homes on the occasion of Christmas.

In Austria, it is celebrated in a scary way on the occasion of Christmas. It is said that on this day the enemy of St. Nicholas, Krampus, an evil demon, picks up the children seen on the streets. That’s why some people wear scary masks and scare the children walking on the streets on this day.

There is a different way of celebrating Christmas in Spain. According to the custom here, a wooden log is covered with a blanket, one part of which is covered, while the nose, mouth and eyes are made on one part. Which is fed before Christmas and is beaten with sticks on Christmas evening. According to the belief, this is done because whatever the wooden log has eaten, it will remove it through the way of defecation. After which the gifts are picked up by removing the blankets. Let the parents of the children keep this gift secretly.

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In Ukraine, the Christmas tree is decorated in a unique way. Here it is customary to decorate the Christmas tree with spider webs. According to a legend, when a poor woman was unable to decorate the Christmas tree for her child, the spiders took pity on her and decorated the entire Christmas tree with their webs.


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