Welcome 2022: Want to look amazing in New Year’s party, apply highlighter according to skin tone

Happy New Year 2022 Makeup Tips: Now only a few hours are left in the beginning of the New Year (New Year 2022 Begins). In such a situation, many women are engaged in preparations to go to the New Year Party. People holding many sour and sweet memories of the year 2021 in their hearts will welcome the year 2022 (Happy New Year 2022). It is said that the new year is a year of new hopes. Many people organize a party in their homes and offices on the occasion of New Year. In such a situation, women are most concerned about what they will wear in the party and how they will look. Highlighter has a very important role in completing the makeup, but sometimes mistakes are made in using it, due to which the face looks bad instead of looking beautiful. Let us give you some tips to apply highlighter according to skin tone, which you can follow-

dark skin tone
If you too are going to a New Year party, then take special care of how to use highlighter while doing makeup. If your skin tone is dark, then you can use warmer shades like golden and bronze highlights. It helps in complementing your skin tone. You mix peach shade with bronze on dark skin tone. Keep in mind that do not forget to use silver shade on dark skin tone.

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medium skin tone
If your complexion is wheatish, then after applying makeup, use a highlighter of golden shade. Let us tell you that women whose skin tone is medium, they should use highlighter of warm tone only. Keep in mind that Eyes Blue shade should not be used at all on Medium Skin Tone skin tone.

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fair skin tone
If your skin tone is fair, then you can use a highlighter of silver shade. It looks great on fair skinned ladies. Keep in mind that bronze and copper shades should not be used. It can completely spoil your face and makeup look.

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