Welcome to the Darkness with Dread

” Warning ! Story not to read at night », immediately prevents the black cover of Brother Wulf. The Abduction of Terror (1). This is, of course, the best selling point for teenagers who have been reveling in Joseph Delaney’s novels since 2005. In the wake of “dark fantasy”, a literary genre that combines fantasy and horror, the British author has created a universe populated by frightening creatures, sometimes drawn from English folklore (witches, goblins …), sometimes from his fertile imagination, like the famous terrorists, those demon hunters, who give their name to the series.

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In the main saga, which has 16 volumes, we accompanied the training of an apprentice: the young Tom Ward – endowed with special abilities, because he is the “seventh son of a seventh son” – discovered the fight against the forces of “The Obscure”, alongside John Gregory, a seasoned horror, a master who is both very demanding and attentive. Set at an undetermined period (the author claims to be inspired by rural England of the 17th century, but the atmosphere remains very medieval), this initiatory story rich in twists and turns quickly caught the young readers.

“Beyond the eternal fight of good against evil, Joseph Delaney knew how to create endearing and complex characters who have flaws”, says translator Marie-Hélène Delval. “Tom Ward is curious and courageous, but he’s not always up to the task when confronted with demonic creatures, themselves ambivalent, who can sometimes come to his aid. “ She even sees in the way the scares are “Grappling with forces over gMay they be a form of encouragement for the young reader to follow through with his decisions, to persevere despite difficulties, to conquer his fears ”.


In our opinion

You don’t need to have read the original saga to appreciate Brother Wulf. The Abduction of Terror, first volume of a new series from the same universe. The narrator, a young inexperienced monk who enters the service of a horror, gives us codes and rules, from the first chapters. Even if the story connects the clashes in a somewhat mechanical way, the very visual descriptions create an agonizing atmosphere of formidable efficiency. Brain-devouring creatures, loathsome witches, specter appearances, and inquisitors adept at torture … Despite its very accessible reading level, the nightmarish visions encountered throughout the adventure are not to be put into everyone’s hands. Thrills guaranteed.


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