We’ll get there

A year ago, France entered into great confinement with the idea that it was a moment to pass. Then we would quickly enter “The world after”. A year has passed, the virus is still there. It has never ceased to surprise us, to thwart predictions, to go around the planet sowing variants … The “world after”, there is no longer any question. What is required of us is to learn to live in “the world with”.

It must be admitted, it is not easy. We explore an unknown land. What our time had somewhat lost the habit, believing itself capable of knowing everything and controlling everything. You have to relearn how to improvise in uncertainty. This causes many blunders and disappointments. Latest episode to date: questions raised by the degree of safety of a vaccine. Like others before (masks, tests) this problem will be fixed. It would be necessary to know how to face it in peace. But, in the era of mondovision, worry is even more contagious than the virus …

Do not doubt it, we will get there. Humanity will know how to cope. Let us know how to spot what breeds confidence. For example the speed with which scientists work to develop vaccines but also – almost as important – treatments. International cooperation is imperfect, but it is of an unprecedented scale. No lever will be stronger than that of fraternity. He is at work, as evidenced by the portraits collected today by The cross. It is thanks to him that we will resist discouragement. Until the efforts of all succeed, little by little, in pushing back the constraints that the virus, today, imposes on us.


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