What are anti-inflammatory drugs for back pain worth?

DECRYPTION – Cortisone or “NSAIDs” are more or less effective in the event of a painful attack. But these drugs should only be prescribed in low doses and not for too long.

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Back pain, which most often affects the lower back, hence the name of low back pain, is a more than frequent reason for consultation with the general practitioner. We must distinguish at least two forms: one acute, in the case of a painful crisis; the other chronic, when the pain has persisted for more than three months. However, specifies Professor Serge Perrot, rheumatologist and head of the pain center at Cochin hospital, “It is only in the first case that one can resort to anti-inflammatory drugs, the pain having several components, and the chronic form being less linked to inflammatory phenomena”.

In this category of drugs, fall both steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which contain cortisone, and others which do not contain it: they are therefore called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. The former are most often used in the form

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