What are bicycles, cars and airplanes called in Hindi? Know the Hindi of these English words

Bicycle, Car, Airplane English: There are some words in English whose Hindi words are not even known to us. You must have cycled many times since childhood, but have you ever tried to know about its Hindi word? If not, then today we are telling you about the Hindi words of bicycle, car and airplane.

learn hindi of bicycle
The cycle which we have been driving since childhood is called ‘Dwichakra Vahini’ in Hindi. Actually, the bicycle has two wheels and because of this it is called ‘Dwichakra Vahini’. Sometimes a bicycle is also called a ‘foot cart’ in the regional language because it is driven by feet. Not many people would know the Hindi words of cycle.

Also know Hindi of car and airplane
Car is called ‘Gaadi’ and ‘Sawari’ in pure Hindi. However, some people also believe that there is no exact Hindi word for car. Apart from this, most people know the Hindi of the airplane. It’s called an airplane. By the way, the word airplane is quite common in Hindi speaking areas and most people use it.

Some words prevalent in both Hindi and English
Aeroplane and car are words that are used extensively in both English and Hindi. You must have heard most of the people calling a car a car and aeroplane as an aeroplane. Apart from this, these English words are also used a lot. However, there are very few such words, which are prevalent in both the languages.

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