What are the words for train and railway station in Hindi? You will be surprised to know Hindi words

Train Hindi Word: You must have traveled by train at some point in your life. During the journey, you must have passed through all the railway stations. But do you know what train and railway station are called in Hindi? You will also be a little surprised to know the Hindi of these two words because perhaps you may be unaware of those words. Let us tell you about these two words in detail today.

train in hindi
The train is called ‘Lauh Path Gamini’ in Hindi. Apart from this, it is also called a train in easy language. But train is a mixed word of Hindi and English. Actually, the train runs on iron track and hence it is called ‘Iron Path Gamini’. Often these words are used quite rarely, while the English word train is used extensively.

Know Hindi of railway station also
Now you know the Hindi of the train, so let’s also know about the Hindi word of the railway station. The railway station is called ‘Lauh Path Gamini Viram Bindu’ and ‘Lauh Path Gamini Vishram Sthal’ in Hindi. Apart from this, many times it is also called a train stop in the native language.

These Hindi words are rarely used
Actually these words of English are dominated even in Hindi speaking areas. People are using Hindi words very less. One of the reasons for this may be that these words are difficult. Especially the younger generation seems to be more ignorant of these words of Hindi. Even though the use of these words should be reduced, but their knowledge should definitely be there.

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