What does Bhagyashree like more than ice cream to beat the heat? Learn from actress

The rising temperature of summer can affect our health and can make us feel dehydrated and very sluggish. It is a good idea to include warmth, aunt and fresh food in your diet. But instead of reaching for a glass of cold drink or ice cream, it is advisable to eat prepared at home which can help you to beat the heat.

What is the option to avoid the heat instead of a cold drink or ice cream?

Actor and fitness supporter Bhagyashree has started his immunity tip series these days. She revealed who she prefers over ice cream in summer.

According to the actor, a cup of freshly made yogurt is very important to keep the stomach healthy and fight the heat. Bhagyashree wrote, “Household yogurt can have a magical effect on your gut flora (intestinal flora). It is a prebiotic that is rich in healthy bacteria that aid digestion.” Bhagyashree says that yogurt contains calcium which is easily digestible due to the presence of Lactobacillus bacteria. Instead of chewing unhealthy snacks, it is better to eat yogurt. The 52-year-old actor also mentioned how it is a good source of vitamin D and protein for the vegetarian.

Bhagyashree shared the video and showed the priority of the weather

He wrote, “It also promotes serotonin in your body that you definitely need against high temperatures. Make a portion of your daily meal. Make sure it’s fresh.” Nutritionist Rujuta Diwakar has shared the Dilchalasp recipe which is slightly different.

Diwakar said, “Curd acts as a probiotic and raisins as a prebiotic with its soluble fiber content.” Together they neutralize bad bacteria, promotes the growth of good bacteria, reduces inflammation in the gut, keeps your gums and teeth healthy and is also good for bones and joints.

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