What does our decision making really depend on?

PSYCHOLOGY – Brain structures involved in decision making can be under influence. Better to know to avoid the pitfalls …

We make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions every day, and our brains have very little time to respond to most of them. Weighing the pros and cons goes for the big decisions that affect our future … but also for the more trivial ones, like choosing between cheese and dessert. “Several areas of our brain activate and interact under the influence of factors that may vary the final decision», Confirms Mathias Pessiglione, research director at the Brain Institute in Paris and author of the book Momo Sapiens holidays (Odile Jacob). A well-documented book on what is going on in our brain … and why the decision taken may not be the right one, at least on the surface. “The brain has its reasons that reason does not know!», Laughs the researcher.

Among the key players in our decision-making, we can count on our orbito-frontal cortex, located behind the forehead. “Its function is to evaluate

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