What effect does your mental health have on your child, let’s learn

The matter of the heart is very serious. When you’re in love, So become addicted to him like a drug. At the same time, when the heart is broken, the physical and mental stress takes you from depression to suicide. But do you know that the effect of breaking your heart can be more on your child than you.

Broken heart syndrome Shock or heartache is also known. A situation of intense emotional tension or pain. It is universal – almost every part of the world, It is known by the same name in every cultural group. Actually, the symptoms of it and drug with drawl syndrome are so similar that if we call it emotional support with drawl syndrome, So there will be no exaggeration.

Why the heart breaks

Break up in unsuccessful romantic love, Divorce or death of a close relative or sometimes near person like lover, husband, This may be due to the wife or child suffering from incurable disease. Although most or love relationships are associated with breakdown or sudden death.

This condition can be very painful at times and the broken heart victims may suffer from depression and anxiety and in more extreme cases, Posttraumatic stress can occur.

The neurological process of heart pain is not known, But this pain is experienced as the brain’s anterior cingulate cortex is affected., It is believed. This part of the brain causes chest pain during stress, May cause exaggerated nerve to cause nausea or muscle tightness.

According to a psychiatrist named Kubler Ross, the person goes through five stages of grief after or during a breakup Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance, Passes on a psychiatric or suicide trip.

Deny- In the beginning the person is unable to accept that this has happened to him or it can happen.

Anger the lover, Anger towards the husband or God as to why he put me in this situation.

Depression Drowning in severe depression means symptoms of depression.

Acceptance Mostly accept the situation after a few days.

Psychiatry or suicide If you do not accept, then you may be suffering from depression or depression for a long time. Sometimes such persons commit suicide or attempt suicide.


Physical characteristics

Exhaustion, Muscle stiffness or weakness, body pain, Restlessness, Lack of energy (weakness).

Insomnia or too much sleep, Nightmares, Overeating, Nausea, Emptiness in stomach and / or heart, Indigestion, Intestinal disorders such as diarrhea, Excessive weight loss or weight gain. Headache, Short of breath, Chest pressure, Tightness or heaviness in the throat, Difficulty speaking.

According to a research on Broken Heart Syndrome in episodes of depression 24% People two months in deep sorrow or shock, 23% In seven months, 16% 13 In the month and 14% 25 It was a month.

More disturbing were those people who depended on living companions. Dependencies can be economic and emotional.

Tactusbo cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome usually occurs as a pain in the chest or upper part of the heart or abdomen (liver). Which may be due to emotional-traumatic love breakup or stress due to the death of a loved one.

Actually, it is a condition like withdrawal symptoms of a drug. The way a person becomes dependent on drugs becomes addictive., In the same way, becoming dependent in love or relationship can also sometimes create a situation like addiction.

the treatment Counseling and psychotherapy in which some anti-anxiety drugs can be given for some time.

The effect of your heart breaking on the child

Many times in these situations if you have children when you have a break-up (divorce) or divorce in love., So it also has a bad effect on children. Divorce or breakup is stressful for the whole family. The child seems to be in turmoil. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both the partners to deal with the problem wisely and deal with the problem better.


How to report

Let both partners sit together with your child and explain that you are not the reason for divorce. Speak honestly, But leave out the bad details.

Make sure your child understands that the divorce is only between adults. Tell your child – that is not the reason for the divorce and that you both love your child as much as you used to. As well as your child’s teacher, Tell the school counselor and doctor about the divorce. They can observe the child, Seeing his mental change can provide guidance. Can warn you in advance.

Some symptoms can be seen in a child after a breakup divorce. It depends on his age

1- 2 At the age of, The child may react by being irritable or awake during the night.

2- Pre-school children need extra help. Explain that he was not the reason for the divorce and there is nothing like it, Doing that can bring you back to your partner.

3- School-age children may be more angry. Their school grades may be low, They can fight with peers in school.

4- Adolescents may have a lot of trouble getting them angry, Depression can be addictive as well.

5- Encourage your child to share their feelings as openly as possible.

How the child came out of this accidental accident depends on the mutual behavior of the relationship between the two partners. Baby breakup, Keep out of divorce or fight. Even if just for show, Both of you forget the old words – forget about the argument and try to remain friends in mutual behavior for the child. Do not do evil to your former spouse in front of the child.


Always take care

Do not force the child to choose one side. Do not argue or discuss anything especially in front of the child. Do not encourage the child to spy on each other nor make him a pawn in your fight. Do not make the mistake of showing the child more love to each other. Put your child before you. Interact with each other and handle issues during custody and even after divorce.

Remember, your mind is your problem, not the child’s and the child needs both of you.

Counseling can help you after a breakup or divorce.

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