What is the reality of the use of pork gelatin in Covid-19 vaccine and where did the controversy begin?

Pork gelatin in covid-19 vaccine: The speed at which the vaccine is reaching the stages of approval and vaccination is being started, the faster the controversy related to it is also coming. The latest debate is about the use of pork gelatin in the vaccine, which is made from pork.

At the time when Muslim countries and organizations objected to this, at the same time Catholic Christians are angry with the use of fetal cells in certain vaccines. In the midst of all these controversies, governments and religious organizations have become active in various countries, so that there is no doubt or fake news about the vaccine.

The Fatwa Council, Saudi Arabia’s largest religious institution, has said that if pork gelatin is also used in the vaccine, it is not food but medicine and will be taken as an injection. Let us tell you that eating pork is forbidden in Islam and the reason for the controversy is about the products made from pork in the vaccine.

According to a statement issued by UEA Fatwa Council Chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayah, the Kovid-19 vaccine is allowed from the Islamic point of view. Even if the vaccine contains elements of non-halal material, it can be used according to the Sharia principle because there is no alternative. The vaccination of the Kovid-19 vaccine is classified under Protective Medicine for People.

How did the controversy over pork gelatin begin?

The matter came to light in Aktabur when a group of Indonesian diplomats and Muslim religious leaders reached China. Millions of doses of the vaccine for the citizens of Diplomat Indonesia went to finalize the deal, while the religious leaders went to assess whether the Kovid-19 vaccine was acceptable under Islamic law.

What is Pork Jalten and why is it used?

Gelatin is actually made from pork. It is used to keep the vaccine safe and effective during storage and transport. Gelatin obtained from pig fat is called Porkin gelatin or ‘Pork gelatin’. Gelatin is used in many ways to make medicines. It is included in the vaccine as a stabilizer. The use of gelatin in the vaccine is not being contested for the first time. Even before this, there has been opposition to the vaccine in Muslim countries. According to Associate Professor Dr Aaron Rashid at Sydney University, the debate over pork gelatin in the vaccine is very old. It is normal that if you do not take this vaccine, you will be more impressed.

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