What is the right age to feed mango to the child, also know the benefits

Mango For Babies: Mango is such a fruit that everyone likes very much. Kids love the juicy and sweet taste of mangoes. Children must be fed mangoes. Many such nutrients are found in mango, which make immunity strong. Eating mango strengthens the bones and makes the body strong. Digestive system is also good by eating mango. Mango helps in the mental development of children. Eating this keeps the eyes healthy. Know at what age you can start feeding mango to your baby.

right age to feed mango to baby
Mango is a very soft and juicy fruit. The baby should be fed only breast milk for 6 months. However, after 6 months, start giving him some solids. During this, you can make puree and feed mangoes. Make a smoothie and give it to a 6-month-old baby. If you want, you can also make mango shake and drink it. Yes, keep in mind that eating more mangoes can cause stomach and potty problems. Therefore, feed mangoes only in a balanced quantity.

benefits of mango for kids

  • Increase immunity- Eating mango strengthens the immunity of children. Mangoes contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C and many types of phytochemicals which are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients help in boosting immunity.
  • Make digestion right Mango contains fiber which helps in cleaning the stomach. If the child has the problem of constipation, then definitely feed him mangoes. Yes, by eating too much mango, there is also a risk of getting heat in the stomach.
  • Beneficial for eyes Mango is rich in Vitamin A which helps in keeping your eyes healthy. Feed mangoes to children, it helps in increasing the mucus membrane and eyesight.
  • full of energy The taste of mango is sweet, which is not only tasty to eat, but also by eating it, the body gets instant energy. Children who play and play get plenty of energy from eating mangoes.
  • Make bones strong By eating mango, bones develop and the mind becomes strong. Mango is found in calcium and beta carotene, which makes bones strong.

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