What is the right diet before and after taking the vaccine, know the opinion of the expert

Just as the second wave of Corona is in full swing, similarly the vaccination drive is also in full swing in the country. People are getting the Corona vaccine by putting them in line. However, people are worried about the side effects in taking the vaccine and want to be safe after taking the vaccine and do not get involved in any health complication. If the experts believe that there is not much side effect after taking the vaccine, the diet has an important role to play. Well people give many types of advice. Some people will say that nutritional diet should be taken before taking the vaccine. Some say that water should not be drunk. However, experts have a different opinion. What is the opinion of experts, know this

Drink plenty of water and eat fruit
According to experts, the amount of water in the body is necessary for good health. When you go for the vaccine, drink plenty of water and eat fruits with more water. This will greatly reduce the effect of side effects after taking the vaccine.

Abstain from alcohol
Some minor side effects have been seen after taking the vaccine. Most people do not have any side effects. Since there should be a lot of water in the body while taking the vaccine, but when alcohol is taken, it can cause dehydration. In this situation, the possibility of side effects increases. So do not take alcohol at all.

Do not eat processed food
According to the British Journal of Nutrition, in this phase of the epidemic, pure grain should be eaten. Do not consume processed food while taking the vaccine. It is better to take such dyed in which there is more fiber. It is more in indigenous grains. Apart from this, it is better if you do not consume sugar-rich things as well.

Eat a balanced diet before taking a vaccine
Most of the complaints of unconsciousness come after taking the vaccine. For this, it is important to have a balanced diet before taking the vaccine. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, taking adequate water, a balanced diet and snacks before taking the vaccine can relieve anxiety about the side effects of the vaccine.

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