What to do if this ‘bad omen’ happens as soon as you leave the house? Learn Remedies

shagun apshagun vichar: Sometimes the events happening around us also give a message of omen and bad omen. Sometimes ignoring them becomes too heavy. In ancient times, people thought of omen and bad omen with their knowledge and experience. Shagun Shastra tells about this. Sometimes they get nervous when they are bad omen. But don’t panic and get scared by this.

Going out of the house for auspicious work and if there is any bad omen, then let us know what to do.

Milk omen: If you are going out of the house for some auspicious work and only then the milk boils and falls on the ground, then it is not considered auspicious. In this situation, one should stop for a while and leave the house after worshiping Mother Parvati.

Glass breakage: If you are leaving the house to settle the matter of marriage and the glass or glass is broken, then you should leave the house after staying for a while. Before starting the journey, leave before Hanuman ji with folded hands and pray.

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Knife Drop: The falling of a knife in the house is also considered inauspicious. If you are going out for some special work and the knife falls on the ground, then you should stop and leave the house only after worshiping Hanuman ji.

Empty Bucket Appearance: Leaving the house for necessary work and if an empty bucket is seen in front, it is not considered auspicious. Stay in this position for a while and only then leave the house. Before this worship Ganesh ji.

Sneeze: Regarding sneezing, it has been told in Shagun Shastra that attention should be paid only to sneezing suddenly. If a person is sick in the house, then his sneeze is of no importance. Stop for a while after sneezing and drink water before leaving. The work does not get interrupted by joining hands in front of Maa Saraswati.

Black Cat Bites the Way: If a black cat crosses the path, it is considered a bad omen. In this situation one should stop and leave the house after remembering Hanuman ji.

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