What to do when your period is too heavy?

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – This common problem should not be taken lightly, especially as there are different options to remedy it.

They come back every month and the women learn to deal with them early on. Periods are essential in their daily lives, but when they are very – too – heavy, the date can quickly turn into a hassle. Social, professional, sporting or sexual life can be negatively impacted.

However, the problem is not marginal. Very heavy or prolonged periods – experts speak of menorrhagia – concern 10 to 35% of women, estimates the Pr Jean-Luc Brun, who presented in January the latest recommendations for the management of this disorder at the congress of the National College of Obstetrician Gynecologists of France.

No doubt many women have already asked themselves the question of the border between the physiological – I am like that – and the pathological – it is not normal. “As soon as this causes discomfort in living your daily life, it is justified to contact a gynecologist, a general practitioner or a midwife, even if the

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