What will be the impact of warming on our children?

DECRYPTION – A study published in the journal Science brings alarming prospects.

What will the world we pass on to our children be like? To this question often asserted in speeches alerting to the climate emergency, an international team of researchers wanted to provide a concrete answer, by quantifying the exposure to different weather hazards of each generation. In a study published in the journal Science, they estimate that children born in 2020 could expect to experience an average of 7 times more heat waves than their grandparents born in 1960.

If we follow the trajectory of current political promises in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (which brings us to an increase in temperatures of around + 2.4 ° C on average by the end of century), these children would also experience twice as many forest fires, 1.5 times as many tropical cyclones, 2.6 times as many droughts and nearly three times as many river floods and poor harvests.

“The consequences will be catastrophic”: impossible to limit

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