What will happen if the infection of Kovid-19 spreads in pets

Bristol: The minister may consider killing or vaccinating domestic animals to prevent the spread of coronavirus in animals and its new form in humans. This suggestion has come recently, due to which there has been a sudden concern among the people. But this debate has been going on for a long time among scientists because there was evidence that cats can also be infected with the corona virus spread from Wuhan.

Evidence of corona infection from cats to humans is very less 

As a measure, cats may also be vaccinated and in isolation. There is evidence of transmission of infection from humans to cats, but evidence of transmission of infection from cats to humans has been found to be negligible. There is not much to worry about infection in cats. You are more at risk of getting corona virus infection from family and friends than from cats. However, you should take general hygiene precautions to reduce the risk of cats transmitting other diseases, such as toxoplasmosis.

The chances of pets being vaccinated are very low

So your vet may ask the pet to bring a sample of its saliva in case of respiratory problems and you don’t need to be surprised if you are also asked to give the sample. The chances of pets being vaccinated are very small. An anti-Covid-19 vaccine is being developed for dogs and cats. But due to the low rate of infection in dogs and cats, as in humans, it will be difficult to test the vaccine and fewer trials will not produce good results.

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