When anxiety becomes pathological

DECRYPTION – A common emotion that pushes us to anticipate dangers and adapt to them, it can also, when it becomes excessive, become paralyzing and put us in a state of constant tension and vigilance. Sometimes it becomes a real handicap, with extremely varied symptoms.

We are all more or less anxious. Indeed, who has never felt a certain fear before an exam, a job interview or even facing the risk of falling ill? It is this emotion that pushes us to revise our courses, to be meticulous or to apply barrier gestures to protect ourselves against the coronavirus.

A dose of anxiety is therefore essential to anticipate dangers and adapt to them. But in some, it can, at some point in life, become excessive in relation to the reality of the existing dangers. And thus engender real suffering which can go so far as to prevent its victims from living. Anxiety is very different from anxiety and fear: the first is a feeling of panic, intense and destabilizing, which overwhelms us and paralyzes us in the face of danger or the idea of ​​danger (real or suspected). ); the second is this strong emotion but adapted to a real risk, or that one has good reasons to believe such. Chronic anxiety,

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