When are antioxidant supplements useful?

DECRYPTION – Several studies have “rehabilitated” antioxidants to fight against three kinds of conditions: diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.

Antioxidants have been known since the 1990s to fight “oxidative stress” linked to the imbalances of modern life, from pollution to smoking to a diet low in fiber and vitamins, and often loaded with pesticides and preservatives. They would make it possible to fight against cellular aging, degenerative diseases and inflammation by neutralizing the famous free radicals, these derivatives of oxygen which, in excess, attack our cells and accelerate the decline of the organism. However, apart from certain particular pathological contexts and under medical supervision, it is useless to take antioxidants if one eats a balanced diet; supplementation may even have adverse effects.

Better to find the vitamins, for example, in a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. Indeed, in overdose, all vitamins are at more or less serious risk: vitamin A is particularly bad for the bones; at the house of…

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