When educational principles differ between parents and grandparents…

PSYCHOLOGY – When we entrust our children to their grandparents, should we expect them to follow our instructions and rules of education to the letter?

Grandparents no longer systematically live close to their children, but a large number of them are still very present with their grandchildren: in a survey carried out by Ifop in March 2021 with “Notre Temps », they were 77% to welcome the younger generation during the school holidays, and the rest of the year 55% to keep them at least one hour a week. Periods during which affection can spread at leisure between old and young, but where educational tensions can also arise between parents and grandparents who do not always agree on the rules to be imposed on their descendants…

Nothing but very banal in the eyes of Dr. Patrick Ben Soussan, child psychiatrist at the Paoli-Calmettes Institute – Center for the Fight against Cancer in Marseille, and author of several books. “The world has changed during the thirty years that separate the birth of parents from those of their children, notes the child psychiatrist. Grandparent educational models…

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