When is Bhadli Navami? Know Tithi Puja Muhurta and Marital Significance

Bhadli Navami 2022 Date, Puja Muhurt: The fast of Bhadli Navami (Bhadli Navami Vrat 2022) is kept every year on the Navami date of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month. This time Bhadli Navami is falling on Friday, 08 July 2022. Bhadli Navami is known by many names. It is also called Bhadlya Navami and Kandarpa Navami at some places.

The importance of Bhadli Navami in Hinduism is similar to Akshaya Tritiya. Like on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, marriage programs can be done full time on this day too. According to the Panchang, on the day of Bhadli Navami Vivah Muhurt, the auspicious time of marriage is full time. On this day you can get married even without seeing the Panchang, because there is a booj muhurta throughout the day.

Bhadli Navami 2022 date (Bhadli Navami)

  • ashadh Shukla Party Of Navami date of Start, On Thursday, July 07, from 07.28 in the evening
  • ashadh Shukla Navami date of ending, Friday 08th July till 06.25 pm
  • Udaya date Of Base Feather Bhadli Navami of Fast, 08 July will be placed on Friday.

Bhadli Navami Feather become are Is 3 good Total

According to the Panchang, this year i.e. in 2022, three auspicious yogas – Shiva Yoga, Siddhi Yoga and Ravi Yoga are being formed on Bhadli Navami. Which is increasing the importance of this day even more.

  • Shiv Total, Till 09:01 AM
  • Proven Total , From 09: 01 AM it will be for the whole day.
  • Sunday Total, 8 Jul 12:14 PM to 09 Jul 05:30 AM
  • Bhadli Navami Of Day Abhijit Auspicious beginning either good Time, From 11: 58 AM to 12: 54 PM.

Chitra Star, It is from morning till 12:14 PM. From then onwards Swati Nakshatra will start. According to the Panchang, both the constellations are auspicious for auspicious works.

In the Panchang, Shiva, Siddha and Ravi are considered best for auspicious and auspicious works.

Devshayani Ekadashi 2022: Devshayani Ekadashi on July 10, from this day all auspicious work will stop

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