When is Guru Pradosh fasting? Learn Pooja Vidhi, Muhurta and Story

Guru Pradosh Vrat in July 2022: Pradosh Vrat 2022 is observed to get rid of the troubles in life. It is believed that whose moon is weak. He gets benefit by keeping Pradosh Vrat 2022. According to Hindu belief, doing Pradosh Vrat 2022 increases self-confidence in a person. Negative energies get destroyed. Due to which he moves on the path of progress and progress.

Pradosh Fast Of date And Auspicious beginning (Guru Pradosh Vrat Shubh Muhurt)

  • The fast of Pradosh will be observed on the Ashtami day of Shukla Paksha of Ashadha.
  • Pradosh Vrat will be observed on Thursday, July 7.

Teacher Pradosh Fast Story ,Guru Pradosh Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, the army of Asura Raj Vritrasura attacked the gods. A fierce battle ensued in which the Asura army was defeated. When Vritrasura came to know about this, he became angry. And he himself took the decision of war, he was very elusive. He assumed a giant form. Seeing this, all the deities got scared. They fled and went to the shelter of Gurudev Brihaspati.

Gurudev Brihaspati informed the deities that Vritrasura had pleased Shiva after years of severe penance on the Gandhamadan mountain. At that time he ridiculed Mother Parvati after seeing her sitting on the left of Lord Shiva. Then Mother Parvati got angry and said that evil you have insulted her and her beloved Bholenath. Because of this I curse you that you will fall down from the sky to the earth as a demon. Because of that curse, King Chitraratha became Vritrasura.

Dev Guru Brihaspati told Devraj Indra that he is the ultimate devotee of Lord Shiva since childhood. In such a situation, all the Gods should observe Guru Pradosh fast and please Lord Bholenath. Keeping in mind the fasting method given by Dev Guru, Indradev performed Guru Pradosh Vrat according to the law. Thus those who observe Guru Pradosh fast. Worship Lord Shiva. He wins over his enemies. By the grace of Shiva one gets success in defeating the enemies.

Vastu Shastra: If you do this work in the night, then mother Lakshmi will get angry, everything will end with respect and wealth

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