When the company is committed to the environment

Lorient (Morbihan)

From our regional correspondent

“TrVery good work in general on the site, the pond is very beautiful, watch out for the rhododendron which risks suffocating it in a few years. » The report drawn up in September 2021 by the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) on Ecodis is rather flattering: this company has fully endorsed its role as an “LPO refuge”. This approval is granted by the environmental association to encourage land managers, public or private, to use techniques that respect the environment and save energy.

Ecodis designs and distributes ecological products for home equipment to organic stores and specialized companies. Located in a craft area of ​​the municipality of Saint-Nolff (Morbihan), this SME has been committed since 2019 to a management plan including a naturalist diagnosis of its 5,000 m park.2, and eight recommendations to be implemented by 2023: planting trees, managing invasive species, installing nest boxes… Camille, a young salesperson, remembers having participated in the planting of fig and chestnut trees in 2017 : “I had been recruited shortly before. That I am given half a day to plant trees is not common”, she smiled.

“We talk about our action with the LPO during recruitment. And some applications are even motivated by our ecological commitment”, underlines Claire Devins, director of human resources of this company of 80 employees. Some of them, like Jordan, a 21-year-old order picker, discover the ecological potential of their employer during collective events: making nest boxes during the “summer party”, bringing together employees and their families, or day of bird watching with the LPO around the company’s timber frame buildings. “If we want our employees to be truly aware and aware of the issues, they need to be able to adopt gestures in their daily professional life: throw the remains of their meal in a compost bin, participate in the vegetable garden, pick aromatic herbs for their homes, lists Claire Devins.

Environmental action irrigates all departments: the LPO report is read by the staff of the maintenance department, by the architect of the new warehouse, etc. “What is important for us is that there is a meeting between our collaborators and the associations that we help up to 0.5% of our budget. We don’t do this to look good.” adds Claire Devins.

Ecodis is not the only one to have made a commitment to the LPO: some forty companies or foundations from all over France have entered into partnerships with the LPO, such as Yves Rocher, in Ille-et-Vilaine, or Léa Nature , in Charente-Maritime.

“LPO refuges are popular with companies because they combine concrete actions for biodiversity development with a range of environmental education and awareness actions”, explains Emilie Gobert, director of the development division of the LPO. The association has thus enabled Enedis to develop several ponds on its site in Saint-Pierre-La-Palud (Rhône), where 10,000 people receive training each year in the preservation of biodiversity.


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