Whenever ‘Dhaakad’ actor Arjun Rampal played the role of a bad boy, he gave water to the hero of the film.

It is said that the more powerful the villain in the film, the more brilliant the hero will be seen and Arjun Rampal has proved it in many of his films. Arjun Rampal has recently received a lot of praise from fans and critics for his strong performance in ‘London Files’. Arjun has recently surprised the fans with his deadly dangerous look in the film ‘Dhaakad’ and with this he is also in a lot of discussion about his killer look.

It is not that Arjun has done such a negative role for the first time, but even before this he has won the hearts of fans with his gray character. Let’s take a look at those negative characters of Arjun who made the hero of the film drink water.

In the film ‘Om Shanti Om’ she played Mukesh Mehra.
He played the role of Mukesh Mehra aka Mike in the film ‘Om Shanti Om’. In the film, he strengthened the story by becoming a dangerous villain. He appeared dangerous and cruel in this film, for which he got a lot of praise from his fans.

Arjun Rampal strong in film ‘Ra One’

One such film came ‘Ra.one’, which showed great performance at the box office. In the film, Arjun was seen in the role of ‘Ra.one’, who blew everyone’s senses on the strength of his character in this world of technology. His character was such that many times the hero of the film Shahrukh Khan was also seen a little less. His body, his body tattoos and that dreaded style…everything made the fans crazy.

Arjun in the movie Aai Ra One

Arjun Rampal in the movie ‘Dhaakad’

Very soon Arjun will be seen in the film ‘Dhaakad’ with Kangana Ranaut. In this film, Arjun is in a lot of discussion due to his dangerous style. Not one but many of his dangerous forms have been seen in the trailer. He will be seen in the role of Rudraveer in the film ‘Dhaakad’. With the tremendous action scenes and his looks, Arjun has told that he is going to give a lot of competition to the lead actor in the film.


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