Where do our false memories come from?

PSYCHOLOGY – By reactivating our memories, we slip into them without being aware of the erroneous details. And very clever who will distinguish the fake from the authentic …

Those who think that an autobiographical memory is etched in our memory like in marble, forever and without possible modification, are wrong! Apart from certain information learned and which does not enter into our personal history, such as “2 + 2 = 4”, an autobiographical memory is very often brought to evolve over time..

This is explained by the fact that our memory works in a network, by associations of ideas: thus, any new information can come to be grafted on other, so that in the end some elements can be lost and others, added, a bit as if our memory was constantly unraveling and re-knitting. “When we receive information, a part (if the information is important) will pass into long-term memory and for that, will be processed for a few hours: this is the phase of memory consolidation. This consolidation makes it possible to create synapses, new neural networks, etc., which correspond

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