Where to put Radha Krishna’s photo in the house

Radha Krishna Photo: In Vastu Shastra, the auspicious and inauspicious places of all the things kept in the house have been told. Because they have a direct effect on our life. According to Vastu, if small changes are made in the house, then mental peace remains, positive energy is transmitted. For freedom from financial crisis, love in married life and happiness and peace in the house, it has been told in the scriptures to install idols of gods and goddesses in the house. But there are also rules for erecting their statue. Radha-Krishna is considered a symbol of undying love. Having their picture in the house makes married life happy.

Let us know where the picture of Radha-Krishna should be placed in the house and what precautions should be taken.

sweetness in married life

Although it is not considered good to put pictures of Lord God in the bedroom, but if it is about the picture of Radha-Krishna, then it can be put in the bedroom. Because they are considered a symbol of love. Putting their picture in the bedroom brings sweetness in married life. Tension decreases between husband and wife, trust and love increase.

pregnant room

A photograph of the child form of Shri Krishna should be placed in the pregnant room. The picture of the child form of Krishna keeps the mind of a pregnant woman happy. Negative thoughts don’t come. It is believed that seeing the child form of Shri Krishna during pregnancy also has a positive effect on the child.

The picture is beneficial in this direction:

  • It is considered good to place the picture of Radha-Krishna in the bedroom in the north-east direction. On the other hand, if there is an attached bathroom in the bedroom, then the picture should not be on the wall of the bathroom.
  • If you put a photo of Radha-Krishna in the bedroom, then do not worship them here. For the worship of any God including Radha-Krishna, you should choose the temple or place of worship.
  • If you are putting a picture of Radha-Krishna in the bedroom, then keep in mind that there should not be any other deities or gopis in it.
  • If you are putting a picture of the child form of Krishna ji, then put it in the east direction only. But be careful not to lie down with your feet like in the picture.
  • In the north direction of the house, place the photo of Lord Krishna in which he is preaching the Gita to Arjuna. This will remove the problems coming during the job.

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