Whether the husband’s extra marital affair is going on, understand from these things

Signs An Affair After Marriage: To make any relationship strong, first of all there should be a lot of love in it. After marriage, the husband and wife take an oath to have full love and loyalty with each other. There should be no room for doubt and deception in the relationship after marriage. Although most people are afraid of cheating on their wife or husband, but in today’s environment where you work for hours in the office with your female friends. Spend more time with them. In such a situation, many times the situation becomes like this. You start getting attracted to another person. This is where the extra marital affair begins. Because of these new relationships, you are cheating on your partner. If you also want to know whether your husband’s extra marital affair is going on, then identify with these symptoms.

1- Pay more attention to yourself- When a man is in love or at the beginning of a relationship with someone, he pays a lot of attention to himself. Tries to make his personality attractive. If your husband is also doing this, then it can be a sign that someone has entered his life.

2- Compare yours- If your husband compares you with another woman, then understand that he has started seeing the shortcomings in you. This happens many times because your husband is looking for the goodness of another woman in you.

3- Sticking to the phone- If the husband sticks on the phone for a long time. Always keep your phone with you, so understand that something is wrong somewhere. There can be so much attachment to the phone that there may be a fear in them that you may not check their phone.

4- Change the body language- If your husband’s expressions are changing, then it may be that it is happening because of some other woman. In such a situation, people pretend to have more work in the office. Start spending more time outside. Sometimes you can be told that you do not have time or are busy. Avoid spending quality time with you, then understand that your husband has involvement elsewhere.

5- Decrease in intimacy- Physical intimacy is the most important thing in a married relationship. If this is going bad in your relationship then be careful. If your husband does not like your touch, or does not feel for you, then this can be a big sign for you. Many times when these things are found outside, then these things get reduced with the wife.

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