Which lamp should be lit in front of deities, ghee lamp or oil lamp, know

Many types of things have been emphasized in Vastu Shastra. If some things are kept in mind while reciting the worship, then the full fruit of the worship is obtained. At the same time, the grace of God also remains. Similarly, people have often seen in confusion about what kind of lamp should be lit in front of deities. Ghee lamp or oil lamp, both types of lamps are lit. But some rules have been told regarding these too. It is necessary to follow these rules. Let us know about these rules.

It is necessary to follow the rules of the lamp, whichever is of ghee or oil, to be lit in front of the deities. It is believed that the lamp of ghee should be lit on the right hand side of the deity i.e. on the left hand side. And light a lamp of sesame oil on the left hand of the deity i.e. on your right side.

It is a belief that in the ghee lamp, only a white colored light should be used. Whereas a red colored light is put in the oil lamp. You can light one or both the lamps as per your requirement. Doing this strengthens the fire element of the house.

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