Which thermometer is better to measure fever and what is the right way to use it, know here

A thermometer is one of the medical devices measuring the body temperature of a human being. Thermometer is a must in every household. If you or your child sees fever-like symptoms, then you can measure the temperature using a thermometer present in the house. But it is very important to use thermometer properly so that you can measure fever properly. Actually, the body temperature can be treated correctly by checking the thermometer properly. Let us know what are the types of thermometer and what is the correct way to use it.

There are two types of thermometer

There are two types of thermometers available in the market. A mercury thermometer that is used by most doctors and another digital thermometer that can be easily used at home as well.

Mercury Thermometer– This thermometer is like a glass tube. Mercury (mercury) is filled in it and normal temperatures are written above the glass tube. If the temperature changes, the mercury also starts to expand or shrink and in this way the temperature of the body can be detected. This thermometer is shaped like a straw or pipe. Inside it is filled with liquid silver or white color. However, the practice of these thermometers has now become a thing of the past because now digital thermometers have come in their place, which are also easy to use and their results are also accurate.

digital thermometer- Nowadays the trend of digital thermometer has increased. In this, the condition of fever can be easily detected. It does not break even when it falls. This battery operated thermometer consists of sensors and LCD screen. The temperature falls on the LCD screen. It can be carried anywhere and it is also easy to use

Proper use of thermometer is necessary

To measure body temperature, use mercury thermometer or digital thermometer. Keep in mind that they should be used properly.

Children should use thermometer very carefully. In children up to the age of three, the correct body temperature can be measured using a digital thermometer from the anus.

At the same time, the normal type of thermometer can be taken by applying it to the mouth, armpit or rectum. These thermometers are also considered suitable for newborns, older children and adults.

Please tell that after the age of five years any type of thermometer can be used in any part of the body.

How to mouth temperature

If you are measuring the temperature of an adult or a child older than 15 years, then take the temperature by mouth. For this, it is considered accurate to take a temperature by placing a thermometer under the tongue at the back. If you are taking a temperature with a digital thermometer, then first turn it on. After this, keep it as far back as possible under the tongue and close your lips and keep the mouth closed until the sound of beep from the thermometer. This may take some time. After taking the temperature, clean the thermometer with soap and mild lukewarm water and then wash it with cold pan.

How to get temperature from side

The temperature of young children can be taken by placing a thermometer next to them. However, for this, dry the armpits first. After this, place the tip of the thermometer in the center of the armpit and lower the arm. Wait until the sound comes from the thermometer.

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