While cooking with children, keep these things in mind, otherwise there may be danger

Health Tips in Hindi: Children love to do kitchen work from cooking in the kitchen. He finds working in the kitchen quite excited. In the kitchen, children often insist that they let them do the kitchen work because children are small, they often refuse to work, which spoils their mood. But children are at risk from many things in the kitchen. In such a situation, it is important to tell them about safety tips. So let’s know what things should not be taken care of while cooking in the kitchen.

take care of cleanliness

In the kitchen, first of all, it should be noted that do not touch the items kept in the kitchen without washing hands because when we come from outside, unknowingly or unknowingly, germs also come with us. If the germs go in the kitchen food, then it will harm our health. Therefore, give special attention to the hygiene of children. Tell them how important cleanliness is. Let them also make it a habit so that they take care of hygiene by themselves.

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never leave alone

Leaving the children alone in the kitchen is like feasting on some trouble because there are many such things in the kitchen that spoil the kitchen. Also, any kind of carelessness can harm the child. Many times it happens that suddenly you have to go out of work and you have forgotten that you have left the child in the kitchen. So don’t leave them alone at all.

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Safety tips for gas in the kitchen

The biggest danger in the kitchen is from gas, whether it is a big person or a small child. Therefore, keep children especially away from gas. Also tell them safety tips. Teach them to turn off the gas and tell all these things why it is necessary to turn off the gas. Many times children grab hot utensils while cooking, then it only harms them. In such a situation, teach them to take care of these small things.

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