White plan in Paca against the Covid-19: “Hospitalizations are progressing, we must be ready to be able to move to the next level”, says Carole Ichai of the CHU de Nice

“We have to be ready to take it to the next level”, said Professor Carole Ichai, head of the anesthesia-resuscitation-emergency department at the CHU de Nice. It approves the triggering of the “white plan” in the Paca region. The one who coordinates the strategy for regulating intensive care beds in the Alpes-Maritimes indicates that around forty patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care in this department. Carole Ichai “ask that everyone get vaccinated, including young people”.

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franceinfo: It was necessary to trigger this white plan, according to you?

Carole Ichai: It is capital. The incidence is extremely high and hospitalizations are increasing. We have to be ready to take it to the next level. We need to anticipate the openings of conventional hospital beds and intensive care beds, and in order to be able to arm all these capacities, we need personnel. The white plan allows us to facilitate recruitment and initiate this strategy. The white plan also allows us to deprogram operations, but we have been trying for a year to deprogram as little as possible. There, it accumulates and it is catastrophic, the needs are extremely important and we will try as much as possible to limit this deprogramming.

Concretely, what is the situation at the CHU de Nice?

Within the CHU, there are about ten patients hospitalized in intensive care for a Covid, and in the department and around forty. The situation is not that of the third wave, we are not in identical figures. The wave will not be the same, we are not starting from the same point.

“There are tourists, that’s why we have an extremely high incidence.”

Carole Ichai, head of the anesthesia-resuscitation-emergency department at the CHU de Nice

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But our capacities in this month of August are reduced compared to what they could have been, that’s why the situation is tense. The staff are tired, the people need to take their vacations. And then, there is the health reserve that has left for the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, so we don’t recruit that easily. We also have people who have resigned. So, we leave with a nursing and medical staff below what we had in the previous year.

What is the profile of hospitalized patients?

They are younger patients. We are well under the age of 65 with a lot of patients between 40 and 55 years old, we also have a few patients between 20 and 40 years old, without any particular risk factor. But they are not vaccinated, that is the big problem. I ask that everyone get vaccinated, including young people.

“The incidence of 20-40 year olds has risen to 1,200, they are the ones who carry the virus and who will get sick.”

Carole Ichai

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Would you be in favor of compulsory general vaccination?

It is a political decision which does not belong to me, but as a doctor, I encourage as much as possible that people are vaccinated. I don’t know whether to make this mandatory, but people have to be responsible. They risk being sick and making their families sick and especially to prolong this period that everyone wants to get rid of. Regarding caregivers, I understand that the threat of obligation is embarrassing but we still feel that there is resistance that is unfounded. We risk having caregivers who leave, because we are forcing them, and we also risk finding ourselves in a situation where we will have to choose which patient to take because we will not have enough staff with an epidemic that would be unmanageable. I appeal to everyone’s responsibility, we must stop having negative discourse on vaccination with totally erroneous figures which are not based on anything.

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