Why did Ranbir-Alia get married secretly? Neetu Kapoor explains the reason with funny stories

The marriage of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt took place on 14 April in a very secret way. Meaning no one had any idea about the day the wedding was to take place. Only the news was coming out that it would happen anytime between April 13 and 17. By the way, the fans were very excited to attend the couple’s wedding. Be a part of their every ritual. But this ceremony was kept very private. Even on the wedding day, it was not known that both of them will take seven rounds today. Now why was this so, Neetu Kapoor herself told. In an interview, he told that since when Ranbir-Alia were planning for marriage, what were the wishes of Neetu Kapoor’s son’s marriage, if Rishi Kapoor had been there, how would the marriage be and marriage. What was the logic behind inviting less people in me?

In an interview given to the ‘Film Companion’ news portal, Neetu says, ‘We did not want people to get married the way they were. We didn’t want to make marriage a circus. We didn’t want to tell anyone about this. We just wanted to do that the bus happened. Because the circus that runs before marriage. Memes are made. All kinds of things happen, it breaks the nerves of the mind. So we did it very quietly. Getting stopped, getting engaged. Meaning we didn’t even do shopping. We had appointed some people to bring this from there, bring them from there. Because if we’re leaving, we’ll find out that a wedding is taking place. So we were in a box. there was nothing we could do. But later everyone came to know. When the lights started coming on. Sabyasachi’s outfits arrived. So it was obvious that all came out. Everyone got information.

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Neetu Kapoor having fun with paps
Responding to how much pressure was on Alia and Ranbir regarding their marriage, Neetu said, “These days actors know how to handle people. Everything was new for me. I was enjoying everything. It was also nice talking to Paps as he was new to me. I was talking to him a lot. I myself used to tell them that today there is nothing to ask, today they are not asking anything. He had become my friend.

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Neetu Kapoor prepared surprise dance in one day
Neetu further said about the wedding, ‘The wedding day was like a dream. Everything went well. Everything was beautiful. We had invited only 40’ relatives for the wedding. And only 40 friends were invited for the party. In Mehndi also 20 were by my side and 7-8 were Alia’s friends. And we also did a surprise dance which was prepared in a day. In this we had songs like Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali, Dholira, QTPai, Tenu Lai Ke Main Jaanwa Ga, on which Me, Bebo, Lolo, Riddhima, Samaira and others performed. Enjoyed very much. The day we were rehearsing. We wanted to surprise Ranbir too. Didn’t want to tell him that we were preparing something. But he had seen Master. But he told this thing on the day of Mehndi that he had seen Mastji.

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Ranbir Kapoor’s procession was fun
Neetu Kapoor further told that the procession was also very fun. She went from 5th floor to 7th floor. Which was the best wedding ceremony ever. And he is doing Bhangra in the passage itself. Don’t know what they were doing. But I wanted a mare and wanted to do it as she goes to the proper procession. But then it happened that if the mare comes, those paps will come. Then that whole raita will spread. I said okay forget mare. Walk like this from 5th floor to 7th floor.

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This was Ranbir-Alia’s planning for marriage
On the planning of Ranbir and Alia regarding marriage, Neetu said, ‘Ranbir and Alia had done so much planning for the wedding that we will go to South Africa, go here, do this there but where will the marriage take place, on the roof of the house. And both were planning for two years to go here, click photos but nothing happened. But it was good. And it was perfect too. Alia was also looking very beautiful.

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This was the reason behind inviting less people to Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding
Explaining the reason for inviting less people to the wedding, Neetu said, ‘This marriage was very good because people around you enjoyed it. He was happy. We invite 10,000 people to the wedding, they only criticize. Hey called, how was the food, how was the decoration. Some shortcomings are removed. So why do we call? Why would we have such a big wedding? It was perfect. But if my husband was alive, he would not have allowed this to happen at all. He did it with pomp. He was the show man. But Ranbir said that he would have convinced the father or not to do the same. Not with fanfare. Because both Alia and Ranbir are quiet people. They don’t like hoo-ha.’


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