Why did Satish Maneshinde say in court – Aryan Khan would have bought the entire cruise if he wanted

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, among others, was caught by the NCB on Saturday for attending a drug party on a cruise in Mumbai. On Monday, NCB produced Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha in the fort court. The court has sent all three to the custody of NCB till October 7. The hearing in the court started around 4 pm. Advocate Satish Maneshinde handled the case on behalf of Aryan Khan in the court. At the same time, the Additional Solicitor General appeared on behalf of NCB.

During the hearing in the court, a lot of arguments were given on behalf of Aryan Khan and NCB. Finally all three including Aryan Khan have been sent to NCB custody till 7th October. In the court, the Additional Solicitor General talked about the intoxication on the ship. To this Satish Maneshinde replied, ‘The ship is not mine. You should have arrested the thousands of other people on board. There is nothing to establish my relationship with the people on the ship.’ Why was the Additional Solicitor General Aryan Khan on the ship? On this, Satish Maneshinde said that it is not that Aryan Khan was selling drugs in the ship, he can buy the ship if he wants.

Satish Maneshinde said that there is no evidence that Aryan Khan has bought or sold drugs. In this case ‘S 37’ does not apply. Aryan is a boy of 24 years now. In such a case, he has become an accused for the first time, in such a situation, the arguments which are given for other accused cannot be imposed on him. Satish Maneshinde said that neither any drugs have been found from Aryan Khan nor from his bag. The court itself can see what is in those WhatsApp chats.

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The Additional Solicitor General said that Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha are like a gang. Such pictures and chats have been found from their phones, which indicate that this drug racket is linked to the international market. On this, Satin Maneshinde said that it is not right to link Aryan Khan with the international drug racket or chat that NCB is talking about. He had gone to the party as a guest.

Satish Maneshinde further said that WhatsApp chat, download, pictures, nothing proves that Aryan Khan has anything to do with these drugs. If there is a chat that talks about drugs, it can also be normal. This does not mean that Aryan Khan is a drug smuggler or is a participant in it anywhere.

NCB also alleged that Aryan Khan is a part of drug syndicate. On this, Satish Maneshinde said that Aryan Khan has studied abroad. He has just come to India, how can he be a part of any syndicate.

Aryan Khan-Satish Maneshinde

Aryan Khan-Satish Maneshinde


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