Why do children get more irritated by some vegetables, know the scientific reason

If your child refuses to eat broccoli, it is because of invisible bacteria hiding in his mouth. Scientists told that some children find the taste of brassica vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage worse than adults. The reason for this is the level of oral microbes among children and adults. This disclosure has been made in the research of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Why do children dislike certain vegetables more?

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The reason invisible bacteria hide in his mouth

Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia wanted to see if there was any difference in the production of the odor of sulfur in the saliva of children and adults. Researchers reported that parents and their children actually had similar levels of smell Which shows that both share the same type of germ-bacteria in the mouth. But while children often turn their backs on vegetables, it seems that adults learn to tolerate the smell over time. Researcher Damin Frank wrote in the journal, "The synergy between human saliva and brassica vegetables may have an effect on the development of halitosis."

They described the significant association between the pairing of adults and children as an interesting finding. The researchers found that there is a large difference between people in the production of the smell of sulfur. Children whose saliva produces high amounts of sulfur compounds dislike raw brassica vegetables the most. However, this is not true for adults. Even those who have a high level of sulfur smell in their mouth, they learn to tolerate the taste over time. The research results suggest a possible explanation as to why some children dislike such vegetables.



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