‘Why does Karan Johar keep quiet when Shamita abuses him?’ Zeeshan-Milind raised a big question

Along with social media, questions are also being raised inside the house about how fair is the host of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ Karan Johar. In Sunday’s episode, Divya Agarwal and Zeeshan Khan were heavily criticized by Karan Johar. While the audience felt that Karan Johar Biased? is supporting Shamita Shetty somewhere. It is interesting that now the discussion has started in the house i.e. ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ show. Zeeshan Khan and Milind Gaba were seen discussing this after the episode ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

‘Why not talk about what Akshara said’
Last week there was a dirty fight between Zeeshan Khan and Akshara Singh. Karan Johar put Zeeshan Khan’s class on it. He was put behind and ignored throughout the episode. In the live feed after the episode, Zeeshan is seen talking to his friend Milind Gaba about this. Zeeshan says that he should have been given a chance to present his side. Zeeshan says, ‘I was branded anti-women for my only one line, while 1000 things were said to me, none of them were spoken.’ Milind also agreed with Zeeshan’s words. Milind said on this, ‘You talked to her about the scope (to Akshara), the opinion of all the female contestants was taken, but the boys were not asked anything, why?’ On this Zeeshan expresses his displeasure and says, ‘Because all boys are anti-women.’

Shamita-Nishant Fight: Shamita Shetty-Nishant’s dirty fight, a lot of abuse and ‘bouncy mud’
‘Karan Johar is biased about Shamita’
Milling further says that the way Shamita Shetty abused Nishant and later apologized, Karan Johar did not say anything on it. But when Zeeshan said sorry, Karan did not accept it. Milind says on this that he feels that Karan Johar is ‘biased’ about Shamita Shetty. Zeeshan also agrees on this point of Milind.

‘Karan Johar you make films, till then it is fine’, Suyyash Rai furious at Bigg Boss OTT host
Suyyash Rai also pulled up Karan Johar
After the episode ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, a lot of questions have been raised about Karan Johar on social media too. Ex ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Suyyash Rai also wrote on Instagram that the way Karan Johar is targeting Divya Agarwal and does not say anything to Shamita, it is clear that she is not ‘fair’, she is ‘loser’. Suyash even wrote that Karan Johar should make films only, if he does that then it is fine. Suyash writes, ‘Karan Johar you are not Salman Khan. It doesn’t happen just by becoming a host. This position also has to be fulfilled.


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