Why does the throat feel dry at night? Know the reason and how to get rid of this problem

Many people must have felt dryness in the mouth and most of the time it happens only at night while sleeping. Elderly people feel this problem a lot, because with increasing age, this problem also increases, due to which the formation of saliva in the mouth starts decreasing with age and the biggest reason for dryness in the mouth is not enough in the mouth. It is believed that there is no salivation. By the way, nowadays children of young age are also suffering this problem, because not only because of saliva but there are many other reasons like side effects of medicines, breathing through mouth, consuming caffeine, etc.

< p style="text-align: justify;"Now-a-days everyone consumes medicines, and youth mostly consume caffeine so that they can stay fresh, but these things later become the cause of dryness in the mouth. Whenever a person feels this, he feels that it is a minor thing, but sometimes these small problems should not be ignored. It is good for health to pay attention to them in time. Many people do not even know the reason why they are having this problem and how it can be overcome. So know the reason for dryness in the mouth and how it can be avoided.  

1- Stop breathing through mouth- Many times people’s mouth opens automatically while sleeping at night, due to which then they start breathing through mouth instead of nose. Not only this, but when there is a cold or cough, then the nose gets completely blocked and at that time also people start breathing through the mouth, but this should never be done because due to mouth breathing also there is a reason for dryness in the mouth. There could be trouble. Therefore, whenever it happens, remove this problem so that the mouth does not dry.

2- Drink maximum amount of water- Due to less water in the body, the mouth also starts drying, so every person should drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. Keeping the body hydrated will keep the problem of dry mouth away.

3- Stay away from things that contain caffeine and nicotine- Things containing caffeine like tea, coffee etc. dehydrate the body, due to which due to lack of water in the body, dryness starts in the mouth. . On the other hand, Bidi-Cigarette contains some elements which are not proved to be good for the body, so if you want to get rid of dryness of the mouth, then stay away from these things.

4- Stay away from alcohol- Consumption of alcohol increases the problem of dry mouth even more, so stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

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