Why get your boy vaccinated against papillomavirus?

Vaccination against human papillomaviruses is now recommended for adolescents of both sexes.

When a child, girl or boy, enters adolescence, it is legitimate to worry about his sexual education and to try to instill in him notions of prevention. Is this the only way to help her protect herself from sexually transmitted infections? Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is now another avenue. Recommended in France since 2008 for young girls, since 2020 it has also been included in the vaccination schedule for all young boys, and the two required doses of Gardasil 9 have been since the 1er January also supported for them by Social Security. France thus joins more than 30 countries already advising this vaccination to young people of both sexes.

Human papillomavirus infection is very common: it is estimated that 70% of sexually active men and women will encounter it at least once in their lifetime. Since HPV is transmitted by direct contact with the genital mucous membranes or the skin, including by stroking,

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