Why is Call of Duty: Cold War reported as the best selling game of the franchise?

Why is Call of Duty: Cold War reported as the best selling game of the franchise?

The newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise being called Cold War has swooped the market hard since its release, with the highest amount of sales compared to any other Call of Duty game before it.

Cold War uses the same method of success as the previous Call of Duty games being one of the most anticipated and played shooter games ever. The game offers a big variety of modes you can play that will simply keep you busy for hours compared to other next gen games. Only issue people are seeing as of now is the fact that perhaps the game is a bit too time consuming especially with the newest addition to Prestige Level. Prestige Level is basically a big battle-pass sort of system that most games use frequently which is free of charge and is basically endless, fueling players with very exotic and sought after camos, new operators and skins for their usage and other blueprints for weapons that are very valuable later on in the game alongside titles, badges and achievements!

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Is Cold War time consuming to master?

You can always argue that as most games to actually be good at it is quite time consuming, but that depends heavily on the fact how you are willing to play the game. If you want to rank up in high competitive level of gameplay then yes, the game takes a long time to master and a lot of dedication. If you are looking for a casual hobby to play a few games after work or classes then it’s not as bad as you would imagine! Of course, there are always rewards that will sink your time to acquire but they are purely cosmetic. The actual skill of the game is being able to win your matches regardless of the outcome and position you are put into. Not many players are interested in the cosmetic type of the game but for those who do want to get that unique weapon that can show off their skill the game really is a big grind.

What can I do if I want to speed up the process of acquiring cosmetics?

There are many ways how to improve your gameplay and speed up the process. There are many sorts of communities that offer help whether its guides, tips and trips, find a duo partner to help each other, watch streams to educate yourself or get a boost to acquire the camo you are unable to acquire. One of the hardest and most sought after camos is the Dark Matter. It takes about a month with 8 hours of gameplay per day to get it. Not everybody has that kind of time and skill and many players feel discouraged about getting it. That’s why there are communities that help each other to educate and better yourself or simply get the help you need to get it. There are Facebook communities, Reddit communities  and boosting/guide websites  -that offer free coaching with professional players.

Are these communities toxic towards the general stability of the game?

The main argument about this is will the ranking system suffer through an imbalanced gameplay simply because people will get better and will improve greatly within weeks? And the answer is no, because these communities are doing such a good job to improving the game and helping people that has a reactive effect for the players getting the help wish to stay and play more, recommend them to friends and grow together. The help they will get helps them stay interested in the game and help the game grow its numbers instead of lose them. Many people would quit the game if they are stuck on some level or they can’t acquire a certain weapon that they wish to have because in this busy always going forward lifestyle its hard to keep up. Perhaps some people want to spend time playing with his child’s favourite game but they simply can’t keep up because they have only an hour or two to play per day. The best hope to escape and skip that frustrated path of exhaustion and effort for nothing are these types of communities.

The average person has a limited time to offer a video game and we all know that time should not be spent mindlessly grinding and instead should be fun!

How is this any different compared to cheating?

Getting the extra help through effort compared to using cheats and third party programs to instantly make you a god like being on the battle field speaks for itself! Cheats are toxic and they ruin the game from the core, everybody knows how unpleasant and truly not fun it is to simply be killed without even having the chance to retaliate! The communities mentioned before simply assist you in improving yourself and acquiring some cosmetic items that will in no way give you an upper hand such as the cheats would! Activision is tirelessly fighting against the cheaters of Cold War, same as they have been fighting the last 10-15 years in all of the franchise’s games. There is a team strictly built for catching those types of players and punishing them as they see fit compared to the acknowledgement they give with allowing people to use communities as mentioned before that help each other and find players to play with. This way players with a busy schedule won’t have the feel that they are being abandoned and left behind by the curve of content and can continue playing the game with the people they want

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