Why is our brain fooled by optical illusions?

PSYCHOLOGY – Our ability to extract information from fragmented data is believed to be at the origin of these phenomena.

Our distant ancestors had to face great dangers. To survive, they had to learn to make quick decisions. “If they had watched a tiger hidden behind thickets and their brains had analyzed the scene as just little tiger bits, they probably would have ended up in the feline’s mouth. But by reconstructing the image of an entire tiger from these fragmented images, their brains gave them a chance to save themselves in time.», Explains Professor Yves Rossetti, professor of physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of Lyon (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, at the origin of the Trajectoires project and the Realized Workshops).

However, it is precisely this capacity of the brain to interpret fragmented information that explains why it also happens to be “fooled” by optical illusions. His tendency to interpret everything can lead him to see figures and movements where there are none: four circles joined two by two

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